Is there truly a rapture of believers in the bible? – Asked by Christian Smith

This is a great question Christian.

Actually the word Rapture is not found in the English AV text. It is a Latin word, a translation of the Greek word harpazo. the problem here is that the meaning of the Koine Greek word is unknown. If you go to a Strong’s concordance what you read is a classical Greek meaning placed on the a Koine Greek word and we are not sure if the meanings are the same. That is because 1) we don’t have any original scriptures in Koine Greek text only copies of them and 2) there has not been discovered any Koine Greek word dictionary to define the Koine Greek words from.

So we are left to trust in God’s promise to preserve his word to all generations (Ps 12:6,7) and for us it is the Authorized Bible

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