Oracles – A Word Study

by Chette Nichols Jr

The following is part of an email conversation that was partially posted on Paul Becker’s “A voice in the Wilderness” weekly Q&A series.  You can find this at his site under “VW: Q/A -persecution/music (091)”‏.  He is also the author of the VW edition of the Bible.  I had been seeking his knowledge on Bible verses on a certain subject that he accused me of being compromised because I did not rebuke a certain group for their use of modern musical instruments and styles for worship.

As I sought his guidance on what Bible verses to use I said,  “that when I spoke to others to correct them I wanted to speak as the Oracles of God, by using Bible verses to do the correcting for the Scriptures are good for correction”.  He gave a pretty long answer but for the most Part it was from his own understanding using some scripture to support his ideas of what musical worship should be but not one verse to use for correction on proper instruments or style of worship.  In the end he says musical instruments and style is a matter of conscience.  So why the quick judgement I was compromised because I had not rebuked the others if it is a matter of conscience?  Well a question that will have to wait for another time.

However, it was my use of the word Oracles that got him into a bit of a quandary.  He politely derided me for using it saying he didn’t understand why I would use such a word and that it was Unbiblical.  here is Paul Becker’s response for my using “oracles”

“First of all, let’s make a little correction here. The word “oracle” is  not a Biblical term. And I’m not sure how/why you have used it. I know, the KJV uses it, along with some other translations. But it is occultic and demonic. It is a place/process whereby, through various means, a practitioner becomes “high”, in a hypnotic state or trance or what-have-you, to emit vocal noises to whatever the purpose of the demon is.”