LOVE – What it means to the Body of Christ

By Chette Nichols Jr

Love is a primary aspect of the Body of Christ. The body exist to some degree because of God’s love for man.

But the Church, the body of Christ, the fullness of him, has a enormous lack of love for one another,  an anti-love thing that is going on.  I believe one of the reasons we have so many denominations is because of a lack of love, not an abundance but a lack.  A better understanding of love is needed.  And instead of running to a shrink, a dictionary or our mothers, the best thing to do is look at the verses and contexts of all the uses intended to teach love to the body of Christ as found in Paul’s writings to the Body of Christ.

A surprising truth that came out in the preparation for this teaching was that Paul never once used the term “Love thy brother” or “love thy brethren” to commanded or instruct the Body of Christ as to their love to one another.  The closest he gets is when he uses the term brotherly love twice in instructing the church the kind of love we are to show one another.  However the commandment to love thy neighbour is part of Paul’s church age teaching and it covers loving one another in the body of Christ.  Another truth that came to light is Paul never once tells us to love those who are not part of the Body of Christ. 

The Word “love” or one of its forms loveth, loved, loving, and lovely as found in the AV text, are used by Paul 84 times in his writings to the church.  Out of that there are 51 times he uses them where they directly apply to the body of Christ, the fulness of him.  Paul never used the word “loves” which is possibly a very important thing to understand so deep meditation on that will be required of  the reader.  I have divided (rightly divided) the verses of  that show how to love the brethren the Body of Christ, the verses consist of commandments, instructions, examples, the work of God.

The final conclusions of how the body is to love one anther is left to each reader being led by the Holy Ghost to compare spiritual things with spiritual and come to a understanding of how you are to love one another.  I have made that easier for you by getting the vesres prepared for you to study.  remember it is not just me who is to study but we are all commanded to study 2Tim 2:15 Study…. .