LOVE – What it means to the Body of Christ

By Chette Nichols Jr

Love is a primary aspect of the Body of Christ. The body exist to some degree because of God’s love for man.

But the Church, the body of Christ, the fullness of him, has a enormous lack of love for one another,  an anti-love thing that is going on.  I believe one of the reasons we have so many denominations is because of a lack of love, not an abundance but a lack.  A better understanding of love is needed.  And instead of running to a shrink, a dictionary or our mothers, the best thing to do is look at the verses and contexts of all the uses intended to teach love to the body of Christ as found in Paul’s writings to the Body of Christ.

A surprising truth that came out in the preparation for this teaching was that Paul never once used the term “Love thy brother” or “love thy brethren” to commanded or instruct the Body of Christ as to their love to one another.  The closest he gets is when he uses the term brotherly love twice in instructing the church the kind of love we are to show one another.  However the commandment to love thy neighbour is part of Paul’s church age teaching and it covers loving one another in the body of Christ.  Another truth that came to light is Paul never once tells us to love those who are not part of the Body of Christ. 

The Word “love” or one of its forms loveth, loved, loving, and lovely as found in the AV text, are used by Paul 84 times in his writings to the church.  Out of that there are 51 times he uses them where they directly apply to the body of Christ, the fulness of him.  Paul never used the word “loves” which is possibly a very important thing to understand so deep meditation on that will be required of  the reader.  I have divided (rightly divided) the verses of  that show how to love the brethren the Body of Christ, the verses consist of commandments, instructions, examples, the work of God.

The final conclusions of how the body is to love one anther is left to each reader being led by the Holy Ghost to compare spiritual things with spiritual and come to a understanding of how you are to love one another.  I have made that easier for you by getting the vesres prepared for you to study.  remember it is not just me who is to study but we are all commanded to study 2Tim 2:15 Study…. .




Guest Post – Forrest Wychopen – In Your Own Eyes

Forrest Wychopen was diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis in 1990, and despite his disability he had blessed millions with his courage and and strength to live life as a true Christian one day at a time.  God has blessed him with some insight to His word that would take many a half century to glean.  The following is one of Forrest’s encouraging insights that speak of God’s marvelous grace in times of adversity and trial.  You may visit Forrest’s web page and see his work with “Christ Directed Ministries” at

In Your Own Eyes

We each live in our own frame of reference. What I mean by “frame of reference” is that our particular view in daily life is greatly influenced and formed by our personal experiences and circumstances. You cannot see through my eyes, and I cannot see through yours. That’s not a complaint, it’s simply a reality. I have borders and boundaries just like you. We should not trespass!

Let me make it very clear, I am not referring to the absolutes which are found in scripture. There are Biblical truths that apply to every single person who is reading this post. So please do not twist or distort my words to justify your particular life choices that are in direct opposition to God’s holy word. We each have the responsibility to read, study, obey, and apply the word of God.

What I’m specifically referring to is the God given differences we each have. Although things change throughout our life, like it or not our personal history has created some “borders” that are unique. In other words, my life is unique compared to your life. And our particular disposition in life is based on those specific realities. Some individuals have been blessed with great health. Others live with daily illness. Some individuals have financial stability. Others cannot meet there basic needs. Some have sharp and witty minds, others are dull and mentally challenged. Some have nice homes and nice vehicles, others do not. I could go on and on but I think you get the point. People are different. Some sail, others sink. Some laugh, others weep. Some are joyful, some grieve. Some are on the mountaintop, others are in the valley.


Guest Post – George Anderson Jr – THE HEART OF THE MATTER

George Anderson Jr Loves the Lord and Loves the AV Bible.  George has written numerous Studies and Articles on Biblical matters and Christianity.  He also helped pioneer and legalize Home Schooling in the State of Hawaii.  His webpage has lots of encouraging material and topics please visit

Heart of the Matter is “A Biblical inquiry into the nature of the heart”.

The Heart – Lesson One – The Introduction

Knowledge of the Lord God of the Bible is the most important thing that anyone, especially Christians, can learn. Knowledge of the Scriptures – God’s words (The Holy Bible) is essential in order for us to not only learn about God but know Him personally.  Knowledge of the human heart closely follows in order of importance.

Human nature is a reflection of mankind’s heart condition. The major pursuits of mankind: Self-preservation, self-propagation and self-gratification are all bound up in the heart. When it comes to understanding ourselves and others, knowledge of the heart is indispensable. Since the issues of life proceed from out of the heart (Proverbs 4:23) it is extremely important that we examine the Scriptures (God’s own words – from God’s Mouth) to see what God has to say about it.


How God Via Inspiration Rightly Divided His Own Word

By Chette Nichols Jr

2Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

There are a couple of types of Divisions of God word we could teach.  There is Dispensational Divisions made famous by C. i. Scofield and Clarence Larkin early in the last Century.  This division has to deal with time periods or “Ages” as they termed them.  These are divided in ways on how God dealt differently with men at different times.  i.e. the age of Innocence (Adam the Garden), then the Age of Conscience, Age of Governments, Age of Law, Church Age, the Great Tribulation, the Millennial Kingdom.  Encompassing these ages is Eternity.

Some of those Dispensational divisions are still in effect today for example Conscience and Governments are still in effect with men.  The Law for the moment has been set aside per se, until God once again picks up His prophetic plan for Israel with the culmination of the Church Age.  We are currently in the Church Age also known as the Age of Grace.  Another way the word of God is divided is by how Salvation is had under Law and Grace.  According to Paul they are two opposing systems of belief, one evokes works to prove ones faith, the other is by faith alone.  So these are just examples of Divisions of the Word of truth.