Who is Chette Nichols Jr?

[Image: 2256_31_01_12_7_25_41.jpeg]A Bible believing Christian who is no longer serving in Palawan Philippines.

He has a Graduate of Theology from Liberty Bible Institute.  He also holds a diploma in Transportation Management from American Technical College.  He is a knowledgeable in aquaponics.  His hobbies include collecting butterflies and other insects, astronomy, archeology, motorcycle riding and helping those less fortunate.

Chette and his wife Araceli or as she is more affectionately known as “Tata” have been married since 1997, they have three children Dorothy Grace, Mercy Anne and James Martin.


Since 1998, Chette and his wife Tata have been serving the Lord together assisting in three church plants in Palawan.

Their last work was leading a small Bible believing congregation Calvary Chapel of the Last Frontier, located in Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines, and numerous small Home Bible Studies.  He is also a Bible Teacher and Lecturer at the Open Bible College International Palawan.

They lived and served by faith in God.

We are currently no longer active in world missions and are currently doing family ministry in the US.


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