God’s Division of His Word – Laws Part Two

By Chette Nichols Jr

Laws often need to be refined and clarified as to how they are to be followed. In our own constitutional laws we have seen this to the clouding of the basic constitutional rights of individuals and amendments give for jurisprudence.  This same process took place by the priests, scribes and religious elders of the people to the creation of the Talmud.  In which its traditions have replaced the basic laws with all sort of minute practices.

But as I studied the law angle out one thing seemed to stand forth.   The law consist of commandments  called the law and known as precepts, statutes, and ordinances.  These are laid out by God himself when he gave the law to Moses but sometimes not all at the same time.  So you may find a law of a certain sacrifice, then a statute is given to clarify the law, and a precept to make it workable to the individual but all relate to the original commandment or law.

Just as an example Numbers chapter 9 where they are commanded to keep the passover, some came to ask for further understanding of the commandments if they were defiled by a dead body.  So the conclusion was if they could not keep the passover because of being defiled or away, when they were clean or returned they were to keep the passover on the 14th day of the second month instead of the first month.



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